Intrapersonal communication


Abandoned. Scruffy. The key element which decides about fulfillment, success and good life…

Intrapersonal communication is an interview with yourself in order to get answers to such questions like: who you are, what your goal is, what your moral code is, what your priorities are. Do you know answers? Have you been looking for them? Do you talk to yourself?

This talk, the talk to yourself, is one of the most difficult we deal with in life. It is a kind of an extended interview which we write day by day. More often we have such a talk and more often we ask the questions, more possibilities that we will reach the bank we wish. If we don’t know where we sail in life, we won’t succeed. More we know about ourselves, easier is to draw a map of success.

Each of us is one of the most undisciplined interlocutor- we interrupt in the middle of the talk, we avoid some questions, we believe that other talks are more important. But the truth is that this talk to yourself is crucial and it depends on 100% on us.

Why am I writing about it?

Without intrapersonal communication any Public Relations activity is like a soap bubble – beautiful, but only for a while.