Are we immortal?


Ancient Greek language always fascinated me, but on the other hand it made me shy. It was not because of the language itself, but of all what was going on around it. One day we had to write an address of farewell to Melanios.

I like his poetry as he wrote his poems collection for his lover Nanno and he repeated many times: life without love is worth nothing… It was first address of farewell I have ever written. I was 19 and it was the hard task for me which evoked conflicting feelings.

Today sometimes I ask a person who works on his personal brand for writing an obituary. In obituary we code values and things which are for us crucial. It shows what about we really care in life and how we’d like to be seen by others. Obituary is the shadow of elevator pitch.

Every time I see the reaction to this task I have the thought that we live like ancient Greeks. As we were immortal. It is seen not only in our private life, but also in business. How many of us have all things sorted in case of the death? Who has got this crisis plan ? It is obvious that family and company will have to face this crisis sooner or later.

To my mind, there is also another effect of leaving like gods – we avoid answering the question what we do with life. We live day by day without looking for anything and without asking the question what for.

One year ago I found a piece of info about Norma Bowe , Death Proffessor who runs at Kean University( classes Death in Perspective. During them students visit cemeteries, hospices and dissection rooms. Erika Hayasaki wrote the book about the teacher and her teaching. And here is a kind of paradox because this book is more about how to live before we die.

Some days ago I learnt about the project Capsula Mundi as something more can happen with us after death – we can be a source of a tree. The idea of a forest of trees instead of a forest of crosses is what I really like, however I am not sure yet which tree to choose as my life after life.

Fot. Capsula Mundi Project.

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