I’m from future. And you?


Do you remember the words from a film “My mum is an alien” I believe that I’m not, but I notice easily a ‘cosmic’ difference between the way I work and the most people around do work.

People claim that future belongs not to these who have a steady job, but to employees who are special type of freelancers. Taking into account my working style I am trendy. Here some descriptions about an employee of future:

– works at home thanks to the internet – no matter where you are, but how you act,

– shows a high level of employability – desire and possibility to response to new challenges,

– cooperates with people and not companies – the key factor is  relationships,

– has a flexible working hours – completing a task is priority,

– the border between work and personal life is hard to distinguish – work is passion.

If these 5 features are about the way you work, welcome in future!