I’ll swap a book


Where do you come back with new books which cost nothing?

From Book Swapping Event. Book Swapping event is a special meeting of books and their owners. We come with books which were read and we come back home with books which we want to read. Sometimes we must fight against a book which we want much. Without fisticuffs . We pull matches as  our rules guide.

Book swapping event is a special version of bookcrossing.

Why? Because first of all it is a special space design for talking about books which moved our hearts and minds. Show me a meeting where people talk about books more than 2 hours. And what talks they are! Great! At these meetings I can see in practice how looks like true listening and culture of telling stories and sharing opinions. 7th Book Swapping Event was a memorable meeting. As usual!

Book is the driving force behind the meeting, but this meeting is so magnificent because of people who take part in it. Today I can’t decide if more I’d like to get new books or meet these people….

Pictures from Book Swapping Events.

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