How and what for identify your elevator pitch?


How to use your first minutes of presentation the best way? Use elevator pitch!

How to talk about yourself and create the ‘wow’ effect? That’s what we want! And they will be interested in us and they will be surprised. And they will ask questions. So, instead of talking about what you graduated from and what you achieved, use elevator pitch – pull an ace from your sleeve.

Elevator pitch is the unique gene which is only yours. Sometimes you need to practice much intracommunication to find it. But it is only the matter of time and your work as everyone has got it. And you have your unique elevator pitch gene!

What for is elevator pitch:

– to get people interested in what you do (and we catch the attention),

– to provoke questions (and you learn what she/he/they really want),

– to show what you can do for her, him, them (what problem you can solve and how we you improve their life).

How to start searching this elevator pitch gene? Here some ways which may deliver you what you have been looking for:

– tell a 3 year old girl a story about what you do and it must be the shortest story in the world!,

– use a metaphor describing your professional activity,

– find a quotation which you can identify with and modify it to describe what you do at work.


I meet a lot of people who have been looking their elevator pitch gene. If they find it, their work quality and self esteem improve. Below some examples of elevator pitch which were created during a Charms of Business training:

A master of polishing diamonds

A person who can transport you to clouds

A human search of good books

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