I wasn’t always in love with Colton Calloway


This is first sentence of the book Falling Into You. There is love, drama and eroticism and…

Without these special smiles, please:). This is the book at TOP 20 Amazon Best sellers in 2013. So, I was just curious why this love story is so popular. And I’ve learnt that just was born the new reader called : New Adult.

What about New Adult?

New Adult is a piece of literature intended to be marketed to a narrow target:  post-adolescents and young-adults ages 18 to 25, mostly females, who start their adult life. Conclusion: better we precise receiver, better for us and our products. There is not only about achieving a sales result, but also about making  life easier – now finding such a book would be convenient.

Writes of New Adult literature publish themselves their books like e-books and this way they get success. Now the largest printer houses publish their books in paper. Conclusion: today everyone can publish a book with success and without a printer house.

The schema plot is simple – a young person starts an adult life and experiences a drama, but luckily love helps him to overcome all problems. Conclusion: people want to listen to stories (, however they can predict a plot) full of emotion – story telling is a great way to share info.

Some people claim that New Adult is a marketing bullcrap and confusing term , but it helps to find a book which a client looks for and this is all about at the end! And there is something what I like – Playlist of songs which are mentioned in this book. This way I met Guster.


New Adult is the beginning! These books read both daughters and their mums. Investing in relations we can learn about clients’ / readers’ needs. Maybe soon will appear  New Women literature for women at 40+  who have behind them this first time, but want to experience love again…

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