Human charger


I usually charge people with positive energy. Usually, but sometimes, like everyone, I stand face to face to the wall and for me this is the fact that the wall is on my way. I’m not wrong. And this is the end. No solution anywhere and I feel like in a trap.

In this case one rescue is a human charger which means somebody who reminds you that there are more ways which let you to achieve a goal and that the wall can be jumped. (as Lech Wałęsa proved).

The human charger not only charges you with positive energy ( sometimes so well that you cannot sleep looking forward to next day), but also gives much more. Just like that, because he/she likes you and because he/she is lovecat ( according to the definition by Tim Sanders). Who is that?

It is somebody who offers your wisdom freely. Give away your address book to everyone who wants it. And always be human.

Love is the Killer App by Tim Sanders is one of the most important business books for me. I try to be a lovecat in business and I love lovecats. With them a wall is just an inspiration of a great talk about solutions. Look around and charge people free of charge if you can. And let someone gives you support. Have dinner together and discuss. Ask what you can do for somebody. Share your all  fences and walls which are on your way. With others these obstacles would be tasks to do right now.


This post was written because of Jacek Kotarbiński – lovecat.