How to write ideal post blog


Good recipe means proper proportions and right ingredients. Result? An ideal muffin with cream! So how many words should post blog contain to be ideal and to attract readers?


– Post blog should be short.

– Short? What do you mean? How many words?


People keep asking me about precise information and and this questions have motivated me to share some answers.  In numbers, to be precise.


Cut – 50%

Cut your text. Even 50 % of it. Or at least 30%.


Minimum – 300

Your post shouldn’t be shorter than 300 words. A text which has got less than 300 words is not treated seriously by Google search.


Headline – 60

Titles can have even 60 characters. Long? Yes, because it is a message from your post closed in one sentence.


Paragraph – 2 lines

The best parahraph contains 2-3 lines. Space between paragraphs is a must.


Subheadings – 8

In titles inside a post shouldn’t contain more than 8 words.


Sentence – 10

A perfect sentence contains between 10 and 20 words. Try to use not more than 20 words in your sentences. One sentence is devoted to one thought.


Fot. Kuchnia Agaty


It is written thanks to the knowledge delivered by:

  1. G. McGovern
  2. J.Nielsen
  3. J.Wrycza-Bekier


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