How to start writing a book about business


You know that such a book is worth writing. As a specialist you are ready. And that’s all. You are stuck in deadlock. Why?

Why you do not write a book

I guess you think what will you write about, how many pages will your book have and what is the cost of publishing it. Are there the most important questions? Stop thinking this way! Because of wrong questions at the beginning you’ll not write this book. Why?

You think about next steps which are difficult and demanding and in result you neglect first step. You realize that a journey (even of a thousand miles) begins with a single step as the Chinese philosopher Laozi teaches.


What has in common writing a book and travelling

If you want to enjoy a dream travel, you know why you’d like to travel. You try to prepare to it the best you can. You share your journey idea with others. You haven’t got a ticket yet. Your luggage is not packed and there are a lot of questions, but you know where you want to go. And the same is about your book – you are not sure when and how you’ll write it, but you have got the idea – the idea about the book from your dreams.

What it means to have the book idea

If you can answer questions below, it means that you have your idea. And you are ready!

  1. What will your book be about?
  2. What would you like to write it for?
  3. What will your book give others?


How to change your idea into your goal

Now tell about your idea to your friends. Start from a trustworthy sparring partner in business. What is their first impression? What do they ask about? And now you know that first verification is completed. You can prepare to your journey. And wherever you go and whatever page you write, be faithful to your idea – the idea of your book which you have just started to write.

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