How to get familiar with hashtags -success signs


More and more hashtags you see, but do you use them? Are you not sure if it is usefull and what is hashtag for?

Learn about your hashtags and manage them. Use them consciously to show strenghts and goals. Yes, hashtags are important because of 2 main reasons:

  • hashtag verifies if you are ready to plan and win. You can see clearly where you go and you leave your hashtags which are like success signs that let your receivers and customers find you, follow you and buy from you. Less hashtags, more content – and you are on the right way and well-seen.

How to start? Write your products, services and special features connected with them. If you have something unique, write about it. If you are an expert and you have just started to build your personal brand, write words which describes you the best way.

Let me use my agency as the example:

BRIDGEHEAD, Public Relations Agency- #strategicPR, #PRcampaign, dentalPR;

unique hashtags: #intracommunication #romanPRrule

  •  hashtag means professional actions in the net.

There are 3 things which count a lot: recurrence, consequence and coherence ( texts / content which you publish must be connected with hashtags you promote). If you have never heard about search engine optimization or you heard, but you are not sure what it means, firstly check your keywords writing them in google search. And can you see any result which shows your product / services or any info about you? If you cannot find any at first results, create content which will provide info about your products/ services (e.g. on your website, blog, Facebook). Secondly, find more info about SEO and act following 1st Roman PR Rule:

gutta cavat lapidem, non vi, sed saepe cadendo.

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