How to develop yourself – advice based on my personal PR experience


You are good at something. At some things maybe very good. You wish you develop, but you are not shown how. If you are at the beginning, it is easier. When you break away from the peloton, there are more challenges and no workshop offers.

I have been developing every day practicing real business. I learn a lot myself. Luckily, in books there is a lot written down. But, on the other hand, I look for opportunities for development for advanced specialists. My field is PR and there are no such offers, courses, programmes for advanced PR practitioners. So I have to deal with it myself and search solutions not in Poland. Here is a piece of advice about how to start


Know what you want!

In some material by Kamila Rowińska I found a very good question:

what competences do you need in your profession to get a master level?

Specialists are specialists because they develop all the time. Now there is a wide offer of courses, workshops, etc. You can attend them and develop, develop…. and you don’t get closer to this master level.

Think what knowledge you want to get and what skills of yours need improvement. If you find the answer to the question about the competences you need to get a master level, you know your develop direction well.


Know your specialization!

Alex Barszczewski offers a solution to verify your specialization and ways which you’d like to develop. He introduces T letter which helps to plan your development; Its pillar means the main things which you are good at. And the arms of the letter show general and wide knowledge about the world around you’. My letter T below:

My T letter - the way of development










Contact with the best!

At London School of PR I met some specialists. One of them I remember very well because what he passed about PR a few years ago is still very true. His name is Mariusz Pleban and I contacted him asking for advice. And I got some advice and for sure I’ll use it.

So, find people who are better than you are in your field and learn from them, discuss and ask questions.

Proofreader: Marta Korsak.

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