How to embrance your Public Relations?


I often meet the question what Public Relations really is. People ask how is my PR and PR in my business. And finally they’d like to know how to start PR.

How Public Relations tastes

If you have never eaten a dish, you ask about it, read about it, but you cannot get to know its real taste this way. If you don’t try by yourself, you would never know how it tastes. If you taste something, you know if you like it or not and you know if you need it or not.

So most people really don’t care how PR tastes and they are right in this case. The question is:

What this PR can do for you? I mean both for you and your business

Do you want to know.

Taste PR


Take PR challenge

Start with basic things. Maybe they are not easy, because generally PR is not easy, but you will embrace your PR this way.

So I take the challenge to create a PR tool – PR embracer – which let you experience PR taking into account your case. Finally, I took the challenge on 29th June, 2015 after the open meeting of coffee PR in Bydgoszcz. I shared my decision with some people in August, 2015.

What’s the most important to transform a decision into an action:

  1. Have a challenge and give it a name.
  2. Get to know about its goal.
  3. Share information with people who care about this goal.


Practise and see results

I started to write. Using as simple words as I only could. I also wanted to be sure that this tool is effective. So I decided to find some experts who could test the PR tool before sharing it with everyone who is interested in it. Some people were open to support me and test the tool – PR embracer. Finally, I chose 3 experts:

Marzena Dembicka – coach and business trainer with 13 year experience in business.

Angelika Makowska – the owner of a cafe and a shop with Belgian chocolate and the owner of the brand Bą Bą

Tomas z Gaweł – a solicitor and the owner of a legal company Spektrum which delivers legal service in business.

I really appreciate our cooperation, their comments and sharing opinions. Thanks to these experts I know that this PR embracer gives results, however when I sent them first day for testing on 19th July, 2015 I felt a stage fright.


Now PR embracer is available in Polish language, but I promise to create its English version in 2016.


Instead of 7 days, there are 30 days – to be continued

In meanwhile, it appears that a 7 day PR embracer is just the first step to a larger project which I completed with Anna Urbanska. It’s final stage took place on 9 th October, 2015 when we presented our guide at Charms of Business How to build your image in 30 days and on that day this guide found its readers who were devoted to work and ready for results.

Proofreader: Marta Korsak.

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