How to sell more and more – is this your goal?


It is not my goal to make a million and sell more. I believe that my life, just as yours, has greater goals and deeper sense. Stop focusing on sales!

Maybe I shouldn’t write this, but I really feel sorry.

For me it is just sad that success is defined by sales result. The better the sales, the greater the success.

I feel sorry for all who during describing their success begin with sales pyramids and end with them.

I feel sorry for all whose goal is to make a million.

I feel sorry for all who constantly believe that it is all about big money.

As a human being I feel sorry for them.


Is sales a target or a result?

I meet so few people who care about sales (profit in business is a must), but they know that it is only a result of their actions. They can tell where the result came from and treat it as an effect of specific operations. This result can be planned by them as they focus on its components.

There is no sales target within strategic PR objectives, so as I was once told “my optics is faulty”. Everyone has his own perception and creates his reality. Strategic goals in Public Relations are long-term and require following  I Roman principle. These are, among other things, shaping desired attitude, image, positioning in the consciousness of our environment, reinforcement of trust.

 What in business to focus on?

On telling others what I, the product, the service can change for better in another person’s life. Communication and clear message of benefits are the key. The answer to other person’s needs. I know how difficult it is. Even today I cannot clearly explain what I do.

It does not matter if it is a client or a friend. I believe that we should follow one rule in life – to reach hearts and minds, provide answers to the questions, build a bridge between people founded on trust. It concerns goods, services, relations and satisfying needs.


The most important thing is the answer to these questions:

  • What human need is addressed by what you do?
  • How does your product or service elevate you and make the world better? (even in a micro scale)
  • Does the way you work make you sure that you use your (only) life as good as possible?


The dictionary definition of success must be changed!

Order, rules and definitions are useful as long as we verify them by adjusting them to our individual values, experiences and needs.

Success is not necessarily something big.

Success is not necessarily about fame, wealth and status.

Huge scale is not necessary to achieve success.

Thousand people in the audience are not a must to achieve success.

A million does not equal success.

Success in terms of uniqueness of all people is not a thing that can be found in a dictionary:

  1. «positive result of some enterprise, achieving intended goal»
  2. «becoming famous, rich, important etc.»


Success is not an event, achievement, one-time result, but:

  1. «personal definition worked out with oneself (not a simple declaration, but result of knowing oneself), which we implement in our life by performing particular actions»


Have a look at Alex Barszczewski’s definition of success:

“I succeed if I have an interesting life and can allow to be myself in every situation”. Alex Barszczewski

  1. «sense and joy of life experienced not only on special occasions»

Looking at what’s happening around I will ask you this:


Does profit give sense to your life?

I belong to the group of people who treat money and profits as a tool, not the goal. I do not want to make a million, but I make sure to earn the sum which secures my basic needs in life. As in Maslov’s theory –

I have something to eat and drink. I’ve got place to sleep and someone I love who loves me, so here’s the question:  How do I want to spend time and do what makes sense to me?

Life is life, but business is profit.

Do you think so?

I am convinced that business is about something much more than profit.

The profit in itself is just a figure. It has power and begins to mean something when it launches numerous possibilities.


The profit becomes a value when it triggers changes, process of improvement, acts of making life better and more beautiful. I do not only refer to the person who made the profit. The profit gains real value only when it changes life of other people for the better.


I invite you to dwell on it with my favourite quote from past two years:


   Those who think that business exists only to make profits should think again. Business makes profits to survive. Surely it has to exist for something greater, more noble goal than this.

Ray Anderson, founder of Interface Inc.


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