How project delivers your PR


You have a lot of projects. A few. They are fantastic ideas, but you won’t carry them out. Usually you end up at the stage of dreaming, planning and talking. But you and your business need a PR project!

A project will deliver a deeper sense of your work and in a natural way it’ll take care of your PR. Would you like to have good PR? Work and…

Start your project!

Write down all ideas which you have about projects.

Draw a heart next to a project which you’d like to come true the most.

Write an exclamation mark next to a project which in your opinion is coherent with your business.

The ideal situation is when the heart and the exclamation mark are next to the same project.

So have you got such a project?


Enjoy the choice!

I know that sometimes the heart is not in the same place as the exclamation mark is or there are more hearts. First of all, appreciate all your ideas, write them down and keep safe. Sometimes we think too much about projects which we won’t start and we should:

focus on choosing.

Then let’s celebrate the choice.

Next we should put all the energy to make this chosen project come true.

The opportunity to choice is a privilege, so enjoy it.

Do you think more about people who haven’t chosen you and decided to spend time with someone else?


Think with more positive emotion about that what is near you – chosen by you. Your project.


Check project and be merciless!

The heart is beating faster when you think how you are going to make your project come true. You have a special name for it. There is a plan.

Have you got doubts?

Certainly, you have. Every project is risky, so:

  • estimate how risky it is and minimize this risk,
  • be sure that you really want to carry out this project.

I have many ideas that fast receive their names just like meeting new people. I am not able to carry out all of them. How do I choose?

I verify them using 4 basic questions. If I have any problems to answer one of these 4 questions, I know that such a project is too risky and I quit it.

Check if your project can be successful and answer these 4 questions:

  1. Is this project connected with what you really like doing?
  2. Has it got anything in common with you work?
  3. What is this project value for you? (What can you learn thanks to it? What skills or experience will you gain?


Project in practice

You think: “Super in theory, in a talk, but show how it looks like in the real life!” Below 3 chosen projects which are in progress. Each has passed the test of 4 questions.

Project name: Cure person, not disease

Started (year): 2009

Mission: successful communication H2H in dentistry

Website: www.


Project name: Charms of Business

Started (year): 2011

Mission: inspiration&knowledge for motivated businesswomen from the The Kuyavian-Pomeranian region.



Project name: Meeting with creative writing

Started (year): 2014

Mission: discovering yourself through writing and making dream about writing true



PR just happens!

Your projects tell a lot about your PR. Thanks to projects you develop. With them you can change the world to make it better, at least in some way. Projects last for years, they gather people similar to you, they are run because of the heart’s need and a strong belief that you can – you can make the world better.

Did I think about my PR running such project like Cure person and others? No, I didn’t. The projects were something natural as a result of my profession and my personal belief. But the truth is that such projects build my PR. They are like stories about other people and for people.

But the first of these projects tell a story about you – about who you really are and they verify information which you share in our bio.

Proofreader: Marta Korsak.

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