How to prepare to self-publishing?


If you have got a story, a novel, poems which you’d like to publish, take these 4 steps:

1. Put your text away for a while , at least some weeks. Enjoy life, a new project, take a trip and come back to your text again. What for? To make first self-correction of your text. With your fresh mind, check if everything what you wanted to write, you did; if everything is written as you wished.

Take your time.

2. Have you doubts about publishing? Share your text with somebody whose opinion would be important to you. Think (before ask him or her) what exactly you expect: just opinion, correction, critics.

Avoid people who want to cut off other wings.

3. Give your text to a professional proof reader. Don’t you know anyobody who does such a job? You can find a language teacher who can deal with this task. It is also possible to find a person who took a course of proof reading and has already some experience.

Take care about correctness of the language.

4. The text after correction needs your approval. So again read it and if you have any doubts, discuss them with your proof reader. The goal is to find harmony between your style and correctness.

Keep your unique style.

Drawing – Justyna Dabrowska for BRIDGEHEAD PR

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