How is created website in PR agency


“It’s like a hurdle race. I saw finish and hurdles – challenges. Now when this website is ready I feel like a master. This is the first website in my life created with PR agency and…

it is mine. I mean authentic”. Such a comment gives me a boost. Working on a website needs much involvement. There are some rules which I have been following working on this task.

  1. I do not create websites for people and companies that I don’t know.

First exam is about intracommunication (intrapersonal communication). We talk about a vision of a website and about its purpose and receivers. Usually next step is drawing a concept.


  1. I do not create website design if I do not have its content.

Thanks to interviews content is created. I follow key words and messages. Copywriting and correction are a must. Also business portfolio  (set of pictures we are going to use) is another task.


  1. I do not create website from day to day.

Working on website means focusing on crucial issues like visual identification, values, consistent image, so it requires time, checking and looking for right words and pictures. It needs much time.

  1. I do not create websites alone.

I cooperate with people who guarantee success. Usually it starts from meeting with me as PR specialist (consulting). Next step is very often photo session and completing business portfolio and here I work most often with Jacek Kutyba. If there is content, his job starts a web developer and my favourite is Dominik Kucharski. Sometimes a graphic design support is a must. Let’s remember about specialists who take care of  quality of the text (editing and correction). And translators are also welcome in some projects.

Profreader: Marta Korsak.

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