Holidays for dogs (case study)


There is a dog and his guide. Both of them dream about holidays together. And their dream comes true. How? CANAC.

CANAC is the cynological education centre that has been organizing holidays for dogs and their owners for 3 years. This year its aim was to start 3 holiday courses.


In this case Facebook advert let to deliver the info to people interested in spending time with their dogs. From spring to early July 2 campaigns were released on Facebook to keep a strict financial limits (which was a profit from one participant with a dog).


The organizers took care about attractive and clear information ( its website, fanpage, contact). They also had passion and much experience of working with dogs.five-fold


The number of fans Wakacji z psem (Holidays with dog) increased  and the information was spread successfully. So it was additional holiday course in September which had not been planned.

Facebook advert campaign guided by BRIDGEHEAD gave marked effects. The information about the way of spending holidays we offer got to a wide group of potential customers than before when we had focused on SEO and adverts in professional portals. Our cooperation resulted in 3 full courses of holidays for dogs and created need to open another course. A lot of participants declared to come back next year. The cooperation was in a nice atmosphere with full involvement and professionalism.

Katarzyna Sterne- Nałęcz, the owner of CANAC

Holidays with Dogs