Have you summed up 2012?


Of course, I have. But in the sense of making  plan for 2013. As I look ahead it is easier to talk about how business bridges built in 2012 let me follow my plans and complete goals in 2013.


First of all I decided to change the strategy of BRIDGEHEAD. So it still ‘guides foregin companies looking to get into the Polish market’, but it also focuses on the Polish market and offers Polish clients here ‘complex PR solutions’ supplying them with e.g. Success Map.

Secondly, Charms of Business proved that everything is possible if you really believe it and want it. Business dreams are worth coming true! So  organizing Charms of Business has been started. In 2013 the keynote is‘Change. La bella vita.

Thirdly, thanks to my rules I work with people I like and respect. I heard sometimes question how I can afford it. Hmmm… Let me put it this way: I cannot afford myself to devote much of my life to people I do not trust and who do not share with my the same standards and belief regarding doing business.

Fourthly, 2012 was crucial for the group of Treat person, not disease as it has got a clear goal to achieve in coming 3 years. We need to develop in order to do a specific job.

And finally, I made a very important and personal decision about myself . In 2013 I hope to reveal what I mean.