Happy Island


Meet the island called Felix Arba where I was holidaying. Would you like to know where exactly is it?

It is situated between 44°41’  and 44°51’ latitude north, and 14°40’ i 14°53’ and  longitude east, so it is the island of Rab.

For 10 years I have been coming back to Croatia to enjoy holidays. First of all, I am captivated by the Slavic hospitality. Simple and nice and it has nothing in common with well-learnt good manners ( which are nothing wrong by the way). This year I was especially captivated by the way our dog was treated. He received a bowl of water with cubes of ice and enjoyed being a VIP client.

Omnes viae Croatiam ducunt…All road, high ways and well-developed infrastructure lead to holidays in Croatia. You have not a chance to miss your way there. It is easy to find a place which you’d like to get and always is a kind of extra bonus like a beautiful view or delicious ribna plata (a variety of sea food server on a huge plate).

And let me  at least mention wine, olives and sunny vegetables. Nowhere such a simple food like grilled aubergine, cevapici with ajvar tasted so good. And a glass of wine is a must. It can be Laguna Bjelo which costs 20 kun and you have an unforgettable evening. In Croatia you buy Croatian products. Even beer like Karlovačko, which truly speaking is awful, you drink with pleasure because in Croatia you drink Croatian beer. But sea food restaurants are great. Here are served delicious dishes on white clothes where you buy great moments for almost nothing.

What’s Croatia? One answer can be like that: the product with a good sales result. It is the response to clients’ needs which is given with a sunny smile. And it is appreciated a lot!

If you’d like to see some pictures, click here