Happiness lies on your desk


t’s surprising what can be found on a desk and in its drawers. During my first moving I found in it  very old mummified sandwiches  from  my primary school times. Now it is getting more serious.


Happiness means a clean desk as some people claim. In the world where there’re more and more conditions which have to be fulfilled to enjoy happiness this desk conditions I’d neglect if I didn’t read info on 2nd January  in a Garfield calendar: Cleaning Desk Day. So, I’ve celebrated it with a good result.


Order on a desk means an introduction to calmness, satisfaction and well-organized working hours. It’s the way to get rid of chaos and stress via facing a pile of notes, documents and miraculously found things. Everything has to be sorted, e.g. as: important, archive, rubbish, DK ( don’t know what to do with it). As an immediate result -more space and more freedom.


There is a human need to have and keep things. Reasons may be different like everything can be useful one day and we cannot be sure what we’ll need in future. Having less, you make a profit: enjoying more time, more space, more sorted things. Cleaning a desk teaches how to recognize useless things in order to throw them away. It’s a good exercise to begin.