Female Blog Carnivals


Firstly you see a wagon shaped like a ship. Behind it there is the sea of people whose leader was Dionysos. Thousand years ago and now we ask the question: how to keep this carnival longer?

We wish our life full of joy and much fun. We wish carnival. So how to start to have it and enjoy it?

 I believe that first of all we should know priorities. If we know them, our life is like a ship which sails to a port which we choose.

When Grażyna Pawtel – Lorente, an initiator of Female Blog Carnivals in Poland, invited me to organize its second edition, I knew that it’d be about priorities. I know that priorities are a must to plan any Public Relations activity both in life and business. If we know them, our chance for success and life satisfaction are growing and … life is like a carnival! What do you think about priorities? Share your opinion and experience, pls.

The website of the event is in Polish – http://karnawalblogowykobiet.pl/), but you are welcome to contact me:

@: j.niebieszczcanska@gmail.com – Facebook: Justyna Niebieszczanska.

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