Facebook cleaning


Spring’s coming and cleaning is close. Let’s start it at Facebook. Why not take a pair of secateurs and cut?

Elimination of profiles. Have you more than 1 profile? Think if you really need them. Why not changing a nick profile into a real one ( with your name & surname)? Why not create a new profile? Facebook is the tool which should work for you, so adjust it to your current needs. Maybe it’s high time to create a fanpage.

Transformation. Fanpage is not only for well-known brands and huge firms. If you are a beginner as an artist ( a photographer, a writer, a musician) and you’ve an idea to create a society, think of using Facebook. Some dreams need fans to be involved and here you can find them. Knowing them can have a very positive impact on you and your dreams.

 Selection of Facebook friends? Certainly. It happens. Why? We usual accept all invitations, but then…. Then it may happen that our friends is just a hater. Before you accept, think twice. If you accepted and it was your mistake – delete whoever you wish from your list of friends.

 Lifting. You can do a lot! New profile photo? New mobile habit? New language? More activity? A new life motto to type? Edit your profile and refresh it with new information.

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