Experiment and the failure of 29 steps


I thought why not to inspire people who live in the same town I do and who have profession which is so interesting for me. And I started to act!


29 dental doctors from my town were invited for a meeting via a post letter. They were asked to confirmed their attendance. They also received information about the meeting itself inc. info about specialists who will lead the meeting, a piece of it below:


Are you a dental doctor? Your success depends on communication to patient! You have been building your brand, so would you like to do it better?

Do you run a dental office? What to do to be the most often visited office in the town? How to run the business to get a profit? How to get satisfaction?

You are invited to the meeting which will inspire you and will tell you what next…

What for?

Because every dental doctor in the town (over 70 000 inhabitants) neglects information in the net and only one has got a website (, however contact e-mail doesn’t work). But first of all because people’s/ patients’ stories are one message: it is not only possibility, but first of all a must to improve.


– 29 invitations sent,

– 4 invitations came back,

– one person called just after delivery, but then he did not response to a phone or a text, however he had confirmed his attendance,

– the meeting was cancelled.

What next?

I have been doing my homework asking why. From 29 steps in my previous plans, now I’d like to make just one step which means to find 1 dental doctor in my town who will communicate: I’m interested and I’d like to listen to.