Elevator pitch and business?


You have a chance to go up in the lift. So when you’re in this elevator, use elevator pitch.

What’s it? It’s your crucial company message. In fact, it’s 1 sentence ( not more than 3 at the beginning) which results in remembering the company and as a consequence it leads to new business partners and new business deals. This is functional and emotional business card’s message located between position and contact details. It is not written and that is why you need elevator pitch to release attractive and unique message about company’s offer.

How to start to have a great elevator pitch? Firstly, answer these questions:

– how does company change the world into a better place?

– what problems does it solve?

– to what needs does it give response?

Then, think of the sentences – the verbal pill of your company . What should such a pill contain?

surprising and easy to remember info about company ( maybe use a metaphor?),

emotions – the proof that you believe and know what you talk about,

– some words which in a short time can result in wow effect,

– intelligent flexibility as unfortunately you must change the message taking into account different situations and people to whom you present company.

And finally go up in the elevator and practise. Being in this elevator ( in which you are somehow every day), check if you can get interested people in your information and make a pitch!

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