Eight Roman PR Rule and personal branding


I’m talking to a very interesting person. He tells me about his plans shyly. It seems to be that he has got a goal. His smile is so warm. I feel temptation. The temptation which leads to astray.

So sometimes I know little, but I know, however PR specialist who cooperates with a person should never follow his idea about any person. I see what is worth changing immediately to answer the market’s need, but this is incorrect PR perspective. I shouldn’t have thought at all. My task is to gather information and observe, before any cooperation starts. Why? because of 8th Roman PR Rule


Veritatem dies aperit


Time discloses the truth.


Only time together with experience and knowledge let disclose the truth about person. This truth which is a must to build a true story about a specialist.

Decoding person by PR specialist allows for long term plans based on nature, strenghts and goals of person.

Time discloses the truth, so be prepared. If there is relation ( between PR specialist and his partner-customer) based on trust, some threats can be identified in advance. So effective rules of communication can be prepared in case of any crisis.

A PR specialist’s task in personal branding is to disclose the truth before anyone does it. No, I do not race against time.   My job is to be ahead of it.


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Fot. Leszek Paradowski.

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