Effectiveness of communication with a pencil


Have you a pencil? Use it in communication to be understood well.

I often draw while I’m passing information, ideas or a problem solution. And it is not because I draw well. Everyone can draw like that. Joanna with whom I run the project Charms of Business says that I can draw ” in a very evocative style and a message is always received correct”. Exactly! This counts in communication.

When I prepare to an appointment and a presentation, I draw. Drawing my thoughts is a test for me: If I can draw them, I pass – I am ready to present. And my chances to succeed boost, because it means that I can ‘sell’ my ideas. If I cannot draw an idea, I realize that I will have a problem with passing my message.

Using flipchart and drawing is attractive for audience. Especially when most presentations use power point, so if you draw, you can differentiate yourself easily. Draw not only because it helps to understand your thoughts, but also listeners pay more attention on you and your message. It matters that you draw here and now, because it’s unique and receivers appreciate it ( as it’s especially for them). Additional benefits which drawings offer: great impact on relations, they involve listeners heavily and often result in a smile. They create a welcoming atmosphere.

But first of all I draw because I know the power of visual thinking – around 60% of people see words as a series of pictures. And I love books by Dan Roam. If we draw and show, we improve communication. A drawing forces us to create a simple message and this is very convenient for every receiver. My experience tells me that if I draw, people understand me better.

Drawing: Dan Roam

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