Dumb love


She used to say that all what she wanted to say was written in her poems. As a person – autonomous, veiled, quite popular. Who knows that love of her life, just behind Kornel Filipowicz, was friendship?


Wislawa Szymborska impressed me the most with the way she treated friendship.  Friendship is the most important, not love which can disappear one day…  In fact friendship is the purest form of love which is seldom said loudly. I was impressed with her consequence in taking care about friends. She did not exchange her friends taking into account different life stages. She was a truly loyal person in relations. From the beginning to the end.

Not only in dreams, but in real life she could ‘fly the way we ought to, i.e., on her own’ and she treated friendship as it ought to be treated. This is true that nothing better we received from gods.