Don’t create personal image


Really?! So what for is a PR person?

Everyone is seen this or that way. PR person should see more and estimate if your image is on the way to success or not.

How to start?

From knowing. Knowing yourself. Knowing you by PR person.

What for?

To catch these best features of you which can be used to take positive actions.

What actions?

Actions which let you achieve what you want.

And what do we want to achieve?

I could want to achieve what you want, but I need to know your goals.

How far away are we from the image that can be sold easily?

We’ll learn which features / abilities / knowledge of you are a great potential. And you will see your success map. And then a process of building your image will start.

Does it mean that ‘building’ is not ‘creating’?

This is a creative way of knowing yourself and following dreams. But we do not create you from the beginning. Reality, I mean who you are now, is attractive enough to develop. We mustn’t create someone who is not you.

So building?

You build and PR supports. You are getting better and you achieve your goals. Thanks to support from PR specialist. And then this specialist will tell a story which reaches target that you wish.