Do you suffer from SAD?


t has been lasting for 2 weeks. The impression of being closed in the world without the sun is getting stronger and stronger. The lost of energy is easy to feel. Forecasts don’t leave any illusions.

The grey sky in the grey world results it days which are hard to stand. The days are gloomy from the grey mornings to dark evenings. Finally, it’s such a marked deterioration that a medicine is a must.

Oversleep or run away?  A kind of hibernation and oversleeping are ideas. Unfortunately, they don’t lead to better mood and it seems not to be the way to cope with the problem as we cannot be sure how many gloomy days before us. A solution is a trip to a sunny country. The question is if we are strong enough to overcome obstacles, e.g. a leave and not planned spending.

There is some advice – changes which we can introduce at once:

–          don’t oversleep ( 7-8 h to sleep is enough) and exercise ( a long walk, a swimming pool, etc.),

–          watch your diet – cut carbs,

–          read and help your brain to take rest,

We can find more advice, including ‘change your attitude’, but these above are the simplest and the easiest to my mind.

Anyway, first of all let’s think of a sunny trip. The net and a nearby travel agency can be helpful to provide you with an offer which you can afford. So, let’s move!

Updating: My victory:) – click here and check

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