Dental Coffee PR


Meet a dentist, or more than one, and have morning coffee together and enjoy coffee PR…

Why not?! This is just coffee PR designed for dentists. It is the mixture of networking and sharing useful thoughts. So it needed Dental Coffee Meeting to create – a real possibility to talk about Public Relation in dental business strategy and personal branding. And about developing in communication.

If I asked an average dentist what he chooses for promoting his business: marketing or PR, most of them would answer: marketing. Why? To my mind, first of all because they have no enough knowledge about PR. I believe that to choose consciously, we need some knowledge. So that’s why I talk, I show possibilities and ways of running business better and better. How? Developing the more possibilities for Dental Coffee Morning through:

1. individual meeting with dentists – I practise it, but now writing about it to inform that it is available for everyone as everyone can contact me;

2. small workshop with open discussion at which everyone can ask a question – first such meeting is on 12 September, 2014 in Sheraton Poznań.

These actions have one name: coffee PR.


Dental Coffee Morning, Poznań – 12.09. 2014; Sheraton Poznań.

Dental Coffee Morning, Białystok – 29.11. 2014.

Dental Coffee Morning, Gdańsk – 06.12. 2014.

Dental Coffee Morning, Bydgoszcz – June 2015.

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