Debut, so how to overcome doubts


Dogtrekking and Titus… Is it worth trying? It was a clear vision of failure. I knew why we shouldn’t dog trek. Are you also good at thinking ‘why not to do’ ?

Fear of failure not only makes a dream impossible to achieve ( via Coelho), but also takes away possibility of joy and learning. Conquer this fear means ask why to do something.

Why is it worth doing?

Titus like walking but without getting tired, so 10 km march was a big challenge. Arguments against were clear. So let’s focus on answering the question why it is worth trying. The most important is to try something new. A list of advantages is a must.

Why first of all ‘me’?

Titus is not super obedient and it happens to him to bark to dogs, so there were doubts what other participants would say. Threats were predicted at once. But only experience can  teach us, so again let’s focus on benefits which bring taking part in an event. In this positive egoism is only one limit – if others people are safe, we can experience.

Why do you win?

I imagined such a scenario: Titus  lies down after 6 km and he doesn’t want to walk. The contest is finished and we are still in a forest. So who will carry this precious 40 kg?! Stop! You can win in different ways – sometimes it is just taking part, sometimes means meeting with people. So FINISH in where you want it to be. The best prize we can win is experience.


Titus won and we did with him.