Dance your way to success


My journey with Biodanza started over 10 years ago. Firstly, weekly courses and then intensive learning at a Biodanza school, during an internship and at additional development courses and workshops. So where has Biodanza led me?

Neither before nor afterwards I knew the technique having such good results regarding self-development; the technique which can operate through so many aspects: from joy via playing, through relax, releasing of emotions, strenghtening and explaining all positive feelings till at the end building new relations with others. This is the reason for my passion and engagement. If you discover a unique way of life, you should follow it just as I am doing it right now.

What is it Biodanza? Biodanza is an immediate delivery of good energy and joy. It releases tensions and emotions gathered in the body. It is the possibility of getting back pleasure coming from simple gestures, walking and listening to music, giving hand. It allows to start nonverbal communication with other people. It reveals creativity which is sometimes closed deep inside us. Biodanza classes are very progressive, so the sense of rhythm and the ability to dance are not needed. Just your desire and courage are enough to try something new.

Biodanza and its benefits in business? Biodanza and business are matched. It introduces a very interesting connection between staff education and motivation. If there is a goal (like employee’s integration, focusing on a group working or opening to new creative solutions) through well-designed classes new ways of cooperation and co-existing at work are discovered. This is the field in which I am specialised, because as a person working for a corporation, I am aware of possibilities which Biodanza can offer in improving communication and team effectiveness in business.

Agnieszka Sut – a trainer of Biodanza Ronaldo Toro System; has been dancing passionately for over 10 years. She works as a Buyer in the Cralise group. Forever Alex’s happy mother. /Contact to Agnieszka- Facebook/

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