Dance of Life


veryone of us who keeps searching or would like to learn about himself in the world  around, about himself as  an element of Eternal World, when he meets Biodanza, he is in love with it. This way it happened to me when first time I began to express my emotions in movement and when first time I danced my life (Biodanza means  dance of life, bios from Greek means life and danza is natural movement).

Every human being has got his / her own genetic potential with which was born and which creates him / her a different creature from others. Unique in his / her being. Dancing Biodanca we go further leaving not only opinions of us behind our backs, but also cultural and social influences and expectations of others. We dace our true “I”, we dance what we feel, we express ourselves in dancing and reveal our joy of life which flows from the consciousness of feeling free. We dance what we have inside, what is often hidden, we dance a meeting with another person who is a kind of mirror for us in which we can see ourselves, we dance without limits and give an answer to our natural need to belong to the human race. Not later, not another time, but here and just now.

I have been dancing for 9 years, I listen to myself carefully and each discovery of myself by myself is like getting to know someone new and is like never ending possibility do learn about opportunities which life itself offers all of us.

I keep dancing, because Biodanca is dance of life.