Customer like nuclear family


efore us the period of presents. What gifts buy for key customers? How to thank for good cooperation  and take care about better relation in future?


If you want to choose a present for your key client follow some advice which also works well during buying presents for family and close people. So what rules are to follow? You may choose one of 3 directions to achieve your goal – a wide smile on your client’s face.

First choice tells that the aim is to surprise. I mean that a gift comes as a lovely surprise. The best way is add sth extra to things which customer likes to bring the wow effect. So wine lovers will be happy with anything what’s connected with it.

Second choice focuses on how to personalize present itself. One of present which I gave one day was a pair of leather Italian tailor-made shoes with the firm’s logo. unique, isn’t it?

Third way is giving experience. These days we are aware that it’s worth working for good memories. In life really matters what you can experience. So sometimes it is enough to have lunch in a cosy restaurant and sometimes bingo is giving a balloon flight.

Ideal present joins the 3 elements: it is a nice surprise which is well-suited and always evokes a great joy.