Creative writing – what is it about?


Writing courses? I have doubts. In writing matters experiencing, getting to know, working. Creative writing. Why yes?

When in January 2014 I organized first meeting with creative writing, I had no idea that I’d learn so interesting stories. I met just people who wanted to write and this meeting sent them info: yes, you can write. I believe that people can write and this writing is the matter of making the decision ( yes, I’ll write) and working hard ( my writing habit). And every meeting of creative writing proves these statements.

For me creative writing is not learning how to write, but experiencing writing, knowing ( yourself, your style) and courage to share with others who also write and who do it really well.

I am always impressed with pieces of writing which are results of creative exercises ( and some of them are really hard) and I also take part in it, however I have got my own task there. My role there is just to be an animator ( not a teacher), so somebody who initiates to act and who inspires ( look at the mining of the Latin verb animare). I believe in formatting an writer ( like in the book On Writing : a memoir of the Craft ) – work on yourself and write every day. I know that this is the most difficult. And then? After that, there are books like products that have one goal: to be sold ( Katarzyna Bonda).

So what about this creative writing? Here some of my sum up with opinions of participants who first time took part in 6th meeting with creative writing.

  • Writing in a group and sharing writing with others is not only a challenge, but also a great joy.
  • You find: inspiration, hints, new perspective – you know yourself and how first reader reacts to your piece of writing.

Going to this meeting I had no idea what I should expect. I thought it would be a lot of creative exercises, useful comments, interesting texts by others and inspiring moments. And I was right. It was nice and creative meeting and I couldn’t stop talking about it! I look forward to next meeting. Daria

  • You learn one crucial thing: you can write. You can experience it yourself. And you want to be better, because you are sure that you can.

The meeting was great in really friendly atmosphere with a lot of information. It showed my writing deficiencies and it showed me that much work before me. The exercises were amazing and they broaden my horizon. Firstly I thought what we’d do 2 hours and then… I did not noticed how fast they passed and … I wanted more! I look forward next meeting impatiently. And I hope to get an invitation. Ania.


  • Writing as if on cue is possible. It is a tasl and work with with everyone can deal with.

I love books by Jonathan Carroll. I admire him because he can create amazing words, surprising twists and he captures me totally. Yesterday I was at creative writing organized by Justyna Niebieszczańska and again it appeared that with a good teacher you can a lot. After this meeting Carroll did not appear to me as an alien any more. I started my adventure with blogging thanks to Justyna. Now I learnt that there is nocreative inspiration. Some words are enough to create writing miracles. Marzena


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