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Guest post by Joanna Wrycza-Bekier.  The word has been getting great power since it appeared on screens. How to create words which tempt, persuade, inspire and sell?

Modern marketing trends, like copywriting, content marketing and storytelling often use the benefits of creative writing.


Among a lot of abilities which you can train during creative writing workshops, especially for business 3 of them are crucial : a method of inspiration, stylistic tricks and storytelling.

Firstly, inspiration. Lately one participant of a marketing conference has asked me how to find inspiration immediately to write a text in a very short time.While creating content for social media, we have to write a lot and fast.Methods of inspiration help to unblock creativity when we are under time pressure.

Secondly, brevity. The eye of an internet reader is moving fast on the screen. A reader catches just fragments of sentences and immediately decides if the text is worth reading or not. Although on the internet everyone can publish whatever they want, readers’ attention is won by texts which are both brief and clear. On a call – to – action button, in Google Adverts, in tweets, we must communicate in a few words the most important information to the reader. Which words should we choose and which reject? Knowledge about stylistic tricks allows you to choose words which sell benefits, evoke images and infect with energy.

Thirdly, a story. The magic of a story is recognized not only by writers and film directors, but also by bloggers and copywriters. When we hear a story for the first time, we know it, because all good stories have the same structure. This is where the charm of a good story lies. The protagonist must meet obstacles on his way and regardless of how he copes with them, experiences change him. At creative writing workshop you can learn about the structure of a captivating story, which you will later fill with heroes and adventures.

First of all, creative writing stimulates imagination and it opens up to both ourselves and others. And these values are very useful in business.

The author: Joanna Wrycza-Bekier.

The proofreader: Monika Bajer.

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