Contact delivers possibility


I’ll tell you a true story about networking which I heard one day. And it started from beer.

Once called me a friend who needed some beer to buy and deliver to his house. He had a guest from the USA who like corona beer, but as the friend drunk a beer or too he couldn’t get it himself. So I brought him a beer package. I met the American man and we chatted a couple of minutes on the doorstep.

Dream written in a piece of Malboro package

I told him that I dreamt of going to the USA. I’d like to go there to look for my happiness. He gave me his telephone number in case I am in America. I had nothing to write and my biro didn’t write, so I wrapped his phone number in silver Malboro foil. I folded this piece of paper and put it to my wallet deeply.


And it happened to me to sit down in a bar in New York. I was alone and upset. My American dream looked as a disaster. I lived in a hovel at Bronx and I had not well-paid job. I felt miserable and I thought of coming back home. And I reminded myself of this beer guy and, to my surprise, I found the piece of paper with his phone number. It was hard to read number, but finally I was lucky. We had a friendly chat on the phone and we agreed to meet me in 3 days.

Life ring

We met in a bar and I told him my American story sincerely. Next day I moved from Bronx. In several days I lived in a nice apartment and I had a good job.