Communication – the dog strategy


An established day schedule, well-known acquaintances, similar mornings and easy to predict evenings. Don’t you feel that anything is missing? Is it not enough for you? When your world is getting tight and hermetic, you should look for a method which let you create a better life. I recommend the dog strategy that is a good way to start new relations and a different life.

The dog strategy is described by Karen Wheeler. It is enough to have got a beloved dog and every day you can visit a new place ( you walk your dog) and you meet new people (even your dog’s disobedience can initiate an awesome situation). The author of the book “Toute allure “ counts on one sitting advantages of this strategy:

–       low cost ( neither lipstick nor high heels or any glitter)

–       pro healthy ( oh! these walks)

–       authenticity ( a contact comes to you itself, so you don’t need to look for it).

Paraphrasing the words by Karen Wheeler I would like to sum up this way: dog becomes a magnet for people.

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