How to communicate against the stream


On the bench old women are sitting. Widows, I suppose. And they can communicate. I’m smiling thinking of their gossips. Suddenly, I see crowns on their heads. What’s up?!

And more, on their laps there are beautiful bags which I cannot stop looking at. To my surprise, I’ve just learnt that they are models in an advert by Dolce&Gabbana. Instead of pretty and young models (or even prettier), there are nice grandmothers. This is the example how to communicate under the current. Result? The company sells something more than a product. There is emotion. There is a story. And I want to have such a bag!


We look at competitors. We use their good ways of getting the market. We do something, because they act this way. Because it brings some results. No. Not, this way, pls! Do not look for prettier models. Do not ask yourself the question: how to do it as good as they do it?

Looking for the answer to this question, you put your business into a peloton which runs and often it doesn’t know what will be next. Better do not ask the question started from what for. It doesn’t matter if it is a flock of crows or flamingos. You are just a part of a flock. So, it doesn’t matter for a customer if he chooses this firm or another. Both are good enough. So, stop communicating: I’m good enough.

Ask yourself the question: how to do it differently?

In this ‘differently’ is often hidden ‘better’. I’m sure you already heard: when they zig, you zag. Look what they do and do it differently. Under the current. In spite of. Destroy stereotypes. Leave things which doesn’t fit at first glance. Look for your way. Better – create your own way in communication your story!

Fot. Dolce&Gabbana.

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