Coffee PR


Certainly! I propagate and practise, because…



Coffee PR offers:
aroma of coffee – no stress

PR affects us the same way like aroma of coffee – we feel relaxed, calm and for sure it reduces stress as a group of national scientist led by Han-Seok Seo of Seoul National University proved.

nice place – no office interruption

All these coffee places, not only let us feel better, but also let us enjoy the place itself. Cafes are usually designed to have a nice talk. As you know when we start with a small talk it is easier to talk about business issues. At a coffee table you are in a friendly surroundings and you are just partners who met to talk about business and PR solutions to improve it. For sure it is better place than an office, isn’t it?

time – no hurry sup

Having coffee let us to slow down, enjoying the moment here and now, so it is easier to talk. If you hurry up, slow down as Slow PR advises. And keep into mind that this is for your health.

opening method – no hard beginning

If a person who sits at a table with you doesn’t feel at ease as his body language of closure communicates (one or both arms cross the central line of the body), a mug of coffee is the best method to ‘open’ a person. It lets you start smoothly and give these some precious seconds to create ‘coffee being at ease.’

good effects – no fight

If we feel relaxed and comfortable, it is easier to talk even about difficult business issues. It lets us find a solution / an agreement very often quite. At least it builds a friendly relations which is so important before another meeting and it may be easier to speak win-win language than before a coffee talk.


P.S. The stydy by CareerBuilder and Dunkin’ Donuts (naturally), ranked the top 15 professionals “who need coffee to get through the daily grind.” PR is the second-most-caffeinated profession.