At the beginning was … silence


I needed much time to start again my English lessons. Why such a delay? Cetrainly because of lack of time 🙂 which means laziness, no motivation and other important reasons. So what changed?

I overcame the language barrier. How?

–          first of all I wanted to speak English very much,

–          I found a teacher who I can talk to a lot, write to and whom can trust,

–          lessons are in 99% in English,

–          in a short time I could experience advantages which are crucial for me.

How did it happen? I always liked to talk to Justyna, so when she told about looking for students, I was happy, however I did not know what I decided on. Our first lesson was completely different from our private meetings. I was under stress and said just few words. The second lesson was more or less the same. Justyna let me feel better thanks to homework which was delivered on lessons and via mails which I supposed to write back. Motivating was also the fact that I understood what information she wanted to pass and she used words which I could understand. Simple sentences and much info let me overcome my language barrier and I started to talk in English. I believed that nobody would laugh at me and I believed that I can communicate in English regarding simple issues.

Now I’m after 5th appointment and my English is far away from being perfect, but every small improvement is for me a great success. The overcoming the language barrier is a good beginning of my journey which we will share together.


*Joanna Czerska-Thomas is the owner of the marketing agency M4Bizz. She has over 10 year experience in marketing, Public Relations and Media Relations which she gathered working as a PR&Marketing Manager in Advert Agency in Bydgoszcz, The Chairman of the Fundation Safe World (Bezpieczny Świat), a spokesperson of the action Parent Acts (Rodzic Działa), a specialist in promotion in the theatres in Bydgoszcz and in Poznan. She is also mother of 7 year old Hubert and she loves cars, books  and Bird games for iPad.