Choosing vs. resigning


We’re looking at a beautiful picture. The eyes are moving from light effects in the sky to sharp peaks of mountains and then to a woman who’s walking along the seashore. Two fishing rods are on the beach. Two men are talking not far away from them looking at traces on the sand. Don’t you think there is too much information?

Maybe a photographer did not know which moment as a story was the best one to tell. Maybe he / she couldn’t make a decision. As an undecided person he /she tried to tell about everything which resulted in lack of a good story. The message is unclear.

Let’s use the greatest privilege we have got which is choosing. Let’s decide what’s the most important. Let’s have courage to follow it both in our private life and in business. Let’s celebrate the right to choose!

Every man like a confident photographer should enjoy choosing every day. The art of choosing priorities has not only influence on our life quality, but on everything – from human relations to success in business. If a company tells a lot of different stories and has too many projects to run, it shows lack of priorities and coming crisis or at least less chance to succeed.

What do you choose? There are no wrong choices, so go on. What’s wrong is lack of determination and consequence after the act of choosing.

Don’t think of what you left behind. Nobody likes to resign from anything. So it may be one reason why we avoid choosing priorities. Realize that this thinking sucks your energy and means feeling uncomfortably. So find your comfort&choice.

Instead of resigning, choose!