CEDE dental fair in Poland is the past


Another CEDE is the past. There were bags holders, watchers and owls, so…

nothing new. Some people come here to do some shopping, others only come to see and there are a large group that is always surprised with prices. There are also more and more visitors who treat the fair as a social event.

It’s hard to decide if the fair has been drifting or if it is just a result of slowing down. The number of visitors is not growing any more (this year 13.492, 2011  14.494).


A booth cost is high – too high for many if you compare it to its benefits.

Today is more possibilities to find a client thanks to internet. Internet compaigns cost less and are effective.

Now promotions are all year round, so you do not have to go to a fair to enjoy them.

Poznan is a lovely city, but far away from the southern Poland and it’s very expensive. I know people who wish CEDE could be in Lodz again.