Case Study Book Swapping. Find the Magnifi


How to organize a micro meeting successfully?

Swapping Book is an event about exchanging books between people. They give their books in good hands and they come back home with new to read. This is also a social meeting which means talking about not only books, but also a possibility to and find new friends. The goal of it is to gather people who love books and want to share them. Taking into account that in Poland only 11% people read more than 7 books a year and it is organized in a small town it is a great challange to have the target group of 12 magnificent people.

First meeting took place on 23rd November, 2012. It was a meeting of 5 people who enjoyed time together eating a homemade cake. There first time was tested rules of Swapping Book and it was created the contact

Before 4th Book Swapping Facebook was used to inform about this event. The post about it saw more than 700 people. Finally on 1st July, 2013 there were 13 people and 54 books that took part in the event. In a list are 2 natural allies which can support us: the restaurant where the event take place and one of the internet bookshop. Swapping Book Event is established and it has its audience gathered with minimum finance investment, but created with passion.

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