Car a mean of more than transport


I’ve heard a story about a young man who was hitchhiking.

A hitchhiking person was a young doctor who with friends travel this way from place A to place B. Both an adventure and a contest. Last person who reaches place B pays for dinner for all friends. And they share with themselves impressions from this adventure.

I know a person who travels by blablacar. Not only he saves money and finds perfect connections, but first of all he meets a lot of people: cat lovers, students, artists… Knowing interesting people is a pass to great posibilities!

I like travelling by car with Joanna. Of course, economic side is important, but travelling we can talk having our private car space. Talk about what? Yesterday rain. Something what is hard to believe. About a new idea. Car is worth adopting for a chat if we spend there a lot of time. Good and nice talks which let us exercise small talk. And then we will use this ability to make such talks in business with a great success.