Businesswoman image and its basic mistakes


She smiles to me. Always neat. Talks to her about colors, make-up and style are not only a pure pleasure, but also a good business lesson. The most important is to avoid basic mistakes. What mistakes?

Kamilla Jastrzebska, a stylist and a make -up artist, says about 3 mistakes which businesswomen make:

1. too short skirts and too much low cuts ( showing too much),

2. a lot of make-up, untidy make up or no make – up,

3. unsuitable colors.

Make-up… Why is it so important? Because on face we pay much attention and it is responsible for first image mostly. Smile. Beautiful teeth. Relaxing face muscles. Shining eyes. Is it enough? No, it isn’t. Both of us agree that our hair and make-up matter a lot taking into account image. No make-up and roots result in a negative impression. Being a professional businesswoman means to take care about oneself. Why? Some people ask: If a woman cannot do it, how can she complete any business task?

Who is a good example of businesswoman to follow?

Lately I have paid much attention on Jolanta Kwasniewska ( the wife of the former President of Poland) as a very safe example to follow. Subdues colors which gain confidence. Well – tailored clothes made from good materials. And if colors and cuts are conservative, it’s worth adding interesting accessories and introducing a color says Kamilla Jastrzębska who is a fairy in BRIDGEHEAD’s team of business associated specialists. She has a passion for beauty. A stylist. A certified make-up artist. A color analysis specialist.

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