Businessman image and basic mistakes


Some men claim that clothes, colour and dress code are female issues. Unfortunately, this ignorance may result in negative effects and image.

I agree to Kamilla Jastrzębska*. It’s not enough to have a suit. It is not enough to have a good suit. Now it is a must to know how to wear it! Firstly, it is crucial to not make basic mistakes, which the stylist points below.

Basic mistakes?


  1. too large suit,
  2. too short socks,
  3. a tie which does not fit a shirt ( taking into account colours and fashion),
  4. wrong colour of shoes,
  5. lack of knowledge how to create a clothing set which is classical and timeless.

For businessman who knows fashion and who likes to do experiments in order to be trend, piece of advice: respect dress code which is you ally in business. When you want to be trendy, know that:

Lack of knowledge about dress code may lead to follow trends straight from the catwalk. Very interesting clothes by fashion designers look more like a disguise than clothes. Let’s remember that haute couture from fashion shows is often art for art and it can be only inspiration for us.

* This message is from Kamilla Jastrzębska who is a fairy in BRIDGEHEAD’s team of business associated specialists. She has a passion for beauty. A stylist. A certified make-up artist. A color analysis specialist.

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