Business like football


Always matters the same – Victory. Not always a match is winning one as not every company will get success. So let’s observe and learn. For example from the performance of the Polish national team in EURO 2012. So it was like that…

Stage I Erection

Energy. Enthusiasm.

We fight for being (like in the Shakespeare to be or not to, be).

Neither victory nor defeat. We are somewhere between them.

Watch the mach Greece vs .Poland

Stage II Crisis

Determination. Pride.

We fight for surviving.

We survived and think ‘the worst is behind us’. We are more confident and our victory is getting close.

Watch the match Russia vs. Poland

Stage III Final


We fight for victory.

We run. We do not know where and how, however we want to win very much. We are not aware of tactics and then we know that the plan was wrong.

Watch the match Czech Republic vs. Poland