Business card communicates


Siła wizytówki w biznesie

Imagine that you are a book cover… What is there on it? Do you like it? What does it communicate? What emotion does it show? Fine, so let’s finish to dream and come back to reality. To business. To business card.

Business card is such a cover of you

Remember that first impression means a lot, so your business card should:

-be interesting

– receive positive reception,

– inform clearly who you are,

– show your priority,

– gain business partners respect,

– differentiate you from others.


Business card sells you

Among more ways of selling, there are 2 connected with books:

First – using cover, so interesting and high quality design works like halo effect

Second – using name – more you are known, more you should take care about your card.


What about your business card?

If you have no business card, give yourself such a present. You can afford this cover. It would be easier to meet people at different meetings having it.

If you have a business card, but… If there is ‘but’ in your mind, it may mean that your card needs lifitng. So do some changes!

If you just don’t know what to do with your business card, think about a lot of possibilities as it can have your photo, QR code and it can even smell. Think of it and hire a graphic designer who will create the best cover of you. You deserve it! Inspiration?

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