Business appointment – success or failure?


He won’t buy. He won’t cooperate. Failure. Does it happen to you to think of a business appointment this way?

Business appointment can succeed if we can notice ( and then use!) opportunities which offer most of them. What opportunities?

1. Getting to know a new person, exchanging business cards is an investment. The investment without a risk. The investment which can pay off in the future. Of course, it depends on some factors, like the way we manage our new contacts. Do you send e-mail after first meeting? What do you write?

2. Business appointment verifies your skills and let you improve:

– self-presentation – how fast and precise you can say who you are?

– building relations – how do you guide a talk and how can you listen to?

– creating a positive atmosphere – what is atmosphere of meeting?

3. Business appointment is a chance to collect information. If it appears that you’ll not achieve your goal during a talk and if he answers to your cooperation offer ‘no’, learn why. And here starts the most interesting talks.

4. Leave comfort zone which is agenda. Find new topics to discuss as they create nice meetings. Unless your meeting achieves a goal, always you can find ‘a success’ out of your agenda.

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